Swing Gates

Automated Swing Gates

Swing gates are extremely popular with our residential customers, and in the case of automated swing gates, these can be powered either by gate back operators, fitted to the rear of the gate leaf, or underground drives located within the foundation area of the gate, with just a steel cover plate on display. Once the automation has been activated and the gates have opened, they will remain open for a preset time (usually variable between 0-120 seconds) before closing automatically, providing that all safety devices have been cleared. The automation can also be set to remain open until another command is given by the user, instructing the gates to close. Both gate back and underground operators have a special release key, enabling manual operation in the event of power failure.

As with all of our Automated Gates, there are a number of safety considerations which have to be included in the system. There are also a number of options available to you with regards to the ease of use/access, such as roadway detection loops, transmitters, keypads and intercoms to name just a few.

In addition to our vehicle gates, we can also fabricate matching pedestrian gates to allow safe pedestrian entry/exit.

Steel Gates/Metal Gates

Steel Swing GatesFrontline Automation design and manufacture all of our steel gates in house to customer specification. Following our original site survey and confirmed order/deposit, we will ensure that your design requirements have been completely taken on board and provide you with CAD drawings of the design and size of the gate for your approval. Following drawing sign-off, we will commence manufacture, keeping you up to date all the way through the project.

Our Swing Gates are manufactured from fully welded steel frames and come with a wide variety of decorative infill types and finishes. There are some standard designs available for your consideration, and the standard infil for those would be a combination of 16mm and 20mm hollow section and twisted solid bar infill. This can be personalised with a variety of finial tops and added extras such as inserting the name of the property into the design.

Gate posts will be constructed from rectangular hollow section mild steel. These can be installed either as free standing posts or installed within brick/stone piers.

To prevent corrosion, all of our steel gates are shot blasted, zinc sprayed and finished by powder coating in a wide range of colours.

Timber Gates/Wooden Gates

5 Bar Wooden Swing GatesWorking with a number of local joiners/carpenters, we design, supply and install traditional hand-made wooden gates for manual or automatiic operation. Gates wil be manufactured from various hardwoods depending on the design, and all of our wooden gates will be constructed with mortised, doweled and glued joints to provide a robust and long-standing installation. For standard close-boarded infill, we use 120mm x 20mm TG&V boards set within the gate frame which is framed ledge and braced.

One of the more common hardwoods used is Iroko. Iroko is a top quality hardrwood which is yellowish/brown in colour and is similar to teak in its properties. This wood makes excelent entrance gates, both for the aesthetic aspect and also for its durability. Another reason for using Iroko when manufacturing our wooden gates is it's excellent resistance to cracking and splitting. Oak or Steel posts are made to suit the gates depending on location and customer preference.

On Wooden Gates (and posts) we would always recommend that a minimum of two coats of wood preserver is applied, such as a Sikkens stain or Danish Oil. This will make sure that as the gates naturally weather, they are protected against fungi growth and splitting/cracking. Where a preserver is used as the only finish, it is highly recommended that this is repeated annually. In addition to these clear preservers, there are a number of coloured stains/finishes available which require less ongoing maintenance.

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