Swing Gates

As an alternative to our extremely popular Cantilever Gates, Frontline Automation also offer Swing Gates to provide a high degree of security to all commercial premises.

Swing Gates can be provided as either manual or fully automated. We fully design and manufacture all Steel Swing Gates in-house, meaning we can produce both traditional and contemporary designs to match the specific requirements of your site.

There are a wide range of both hydraulic and electro-mechanical operators and associated controls available which ensures we can always come up with the perfect solution to meet your particular need. Swing gates act as the ultimate deterrent to uninvited visitors with a variety of security features available, such as Anti climb infill wire mesh, Rotating Anti-Climb, Saw Tooth and Barbed Wire.

As with all of our automated gates, we design, manufactre and install matching pedestrian gates and turnstiles to allow easy and safe access for pedestrians.

Standard Bar InfillStandard Bar Infill

For a Swing Gate with a standard bar infill, the gate frame itself will be constructed from a fully welded rectangular hollow section frame. The infill is a standard fully welded infill of 50mm x 25mm rectangular section (ERW) mounted vertically at a 150/170mm pitch.

The design can be adapted to accept additional security measures, such as this one pictured which has a saw tooth top. This one has been automated using gate back operators.

Palisade InfillPalisade Infill

A popular option with many secure sites because of its industrial appearance, our swing gates with palisade infill have Ultra Pale round nosed and notched or Triple Point pales fixed wiith M8 Ultra bolts and tamper-proof snap cone nuts.

The bolt heads will always lie flat against the rail to maximize security and prevent vandalism.

For added safety and security, a mesh backing can be installed to the rear of the pales, stopping potential visitors from putting their arms or hands through the gaps.

Mesh InfillMesh Infill

There are many mesh options on the market and we can discuss each and every one with you to ensure that we can provide you with exactly the finish you require.

For our commercial client, our most recommended and requested mesh is a Steel 358 Heavy Duty Security Mesh - Also known as 'Prison Mesh' (pictured).