In April of this year, the Door & Hardware Federation announced that they would be launching a week long safety initiative. The Door & Hardware Federation has developed one of the most comprehensive gate safety training courses, and have a high standard of quality, integrity and safety. Gate Safety Week will take place from 13th October 2014, and as members of the Door & Hardware Federation, Frontline Automation want to ensure they help raise awareness of such an important cause.

By adhering to the DHF's high standards of quality, integrity and safety, members are giving a powerful message to their customers. Customers can be assured that every installation carried out by Frontline Automation will be of the highest quality and will meet the most stringent safety standards.

As a member of the DHF, it is necessary for certain staff to complete their gate safety diploma, resulting in the individual receiving the Gate Safety Diploma, and the Company receiving the Certificate of Accreditation, proving that they have been deemed safe to assess powered gates by the DHF - You can see copies of these certificates by reading on.

Gate Safety Week October 2014.Frontline Automation are continually striving to ensure that all of the sites they maintain are brought up to a safe standard - We appreciate that some customers may have concerns about the requirements, the aesthetics or the cost of upgrades, and we have staff on hand to go through the safety legislation and settle any concerns you may have. Existing sites will need to be re-assessed, and if the systems are unsafe, any reputable company, including Frontline Automation, will be unable to continually maintain/repair them until safety upgrades are made.

Impact Testing is now being rolled out as mandatory on all maintenance agreements, with every automated gate requiring at least one test per annum - The customer will always be issued with a copy of the report, as well as one being held on file by Frontline Automation. If the gate does not pass the impact testing, then Frontline will provide advice and if necessary, a quotation to bring the system up to standard.

During Gate Safety Week especially, Frontline will be taking steps to get in touch with customers who they believe may have had an installation in the past which will no longer comply. Any customer of Frontline can contact us for a free guide to the gate safety legislation and machinery directive - To receive your free copy, please contact Frontline Automation on 01444 248292.

Further information on the dangers of automated gates and recommendations can be found on the HSE website by clicking here and information on the repercutions for installers of automated gates can be found here

If you have any concerns about your automated system, or about one you have seen - perhaps at your workplace - then get in touch with Frontline Automation to discuss the details and the solutions available to you.

Certificate of Accredidation - DHF  Certificate and Diploma - DHF